taste of holidays

food post cards from places miles away

Since a lot of us are staying on the island this summer we decided to bring the continent to your home. We are lucky to be able to experience many different cuisines in Waterford - Thai, Brazilian, African, American, Chinese and other.


We want to show of our traditional cooking also. The dinner comes with recipes for all three courses so you can recreate them in the future and include in your personal cookbook.

The meal is easy to assemble and reheat. Collections are on Saturday, 17th of July, the payment is online. We will take orders until noon on Wednesday the 14th. To order - send an email to management@oldcouchcafe.com 


The price is 35e per person.

holiday menu 17th of July

cold bean soup

traditional summer dish for the continental part of Croatia 

cream soup flavoured with fresh dill, bay leaf and black pepper with added sour cucumber, chives and bacon crumb


braised octopus 

Mediterranean classic

the octopus is slowly cooked in red wine and herbs

and comes with a side of lemon thyme and garlic roasted potatoes



traditional medieval dessert that is widespread around the Adriatic Sea and comes from the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia -  similar to creme caramel - flavoured with lemon and rose

To round it  up - we chose two wines that would fit perfectly to the dinner.


You can add....


Domaine Gardiés ‘On S'en Fish!’ 2020 - Côtes Catalanes, France, Carignan, Cinsault 20e


Beautiful light red wine. Closer to a heavy rose while still holding all the characteristics of a subtle red wine. Very short maceration with only six months ageing. This wine is very low in sulphite, so in essence, it is a "natural wine".


San Simone Case Sugan ‘Ramato’ 2019 - Friuli Grave DOC, Italy, Pinot Grigio 20e


Ramato means copper, which is the colour of traditional Pinot Grigio — made and fermented with skin contact. Ramato is a soft and elegant wine that is truly more copper than orange. Stone fruit, with a hint of nuttiness and great acidity. Excellent as an aperitif, it pairs perfectly with seafood.

You can pre order cardamom buns (2e) and our lemon, poppy seed and almond scones with gourmet jam and butter (3.5e) also for Saturday the 17th of July.


My best friend took the first photo - Mađerkin breg, Međimurje ,  Croatia - my home county located in the north part of Croatia.


The second photo was taken by me in Primošten, Dalmacija in 2015. (seems like a lifetime ago now) south od Croatia.