Picking up groceries on a Saturday?

Make a stop at our small "shop" to get Tom Cleary's vegetables and a cake or two from our small kitchen!

Open Saturday & Sunday this week

Saturday 27/2 10am - 2pm

Sunday    28/2 10am till we sell out

Buns, breads and desserts contain eggs, dairy, gluten, nuts & peanuts. If you have any dietary requirements or allergies please let us know :)


cardamom buns - 2 for 4e

lemon, poppy seed & almond scones with gourmet jam & butter - 3.5e


Guinness & walnut bread loaf - 4.5e

wild garlic focaccia - 4e


sticky date cake & passionfruit caramel (GF) - 4.5e

orange, pistachio & rose cake (GF) - 5e

orange/chocolate fudge cake - 4.5

lamington cake with layers of raspberry jam, white chocolate cream and coconut - 5e



caramel & peanut cheesecake - 5e

baked vanilla cheesecake & mixed berry compote - 5e

cookie & cream cheesecake - 4.5e

bakewell + creme anglaise

raspberry & nectarine - 5e

black currant, pear & walnut - 5e

orange & pecan - 5e

Vegetable selection sameish like the weeks before, we will have potatoes (5kg = 5e), kale (bag for 1.5e), rainbow carrots(bunch for 3e) and beetroots(5 for 2e), turnips (1,5e), cauliflower(1e), red(2e) and savoy cabbage(1.5e) and leeks(1e).