Picking up groceries on a Saturday?

Make a stop at our small "shop" to get Tom Cleary's vegetables and a cake or two from our small kitchen!

Open 10am - 4pm every Saturday

Available on the 30rd of January

cardamom buns - 2 for 4e

citrus, poppy seed & almond scone with gourmet jam & butter - 3.5e

cinnamon, brown butter and hazelnut buns with hazelnut/cream cheese frosting - 3.5e

Guinness & pumpkin seed or walnut brown soda bread loaf - 4.5e

Bailey's & chocolate cheesecake + coffee sauce - 4.5e

cookie & cream cheesecake - 4.5e

pineapple/coconut/malibu cake + white choc. sauce - 5e

chocolate & pretzel tart - 5e

*menu might change before Saturday, everything is homemade and depends on what we feel like making on the day :)

You can pre order you desserts by sending a message on our social media or an email to management@oldcouchcafe.com

Vegetable selection varies every week and prices will be posted on our social media every Friday evening upon delivery.

*desserts and breads contain gluten, dairy, eggs and nuts