Friday night in

on your couch


2020. gave us a lot. For us it was a reminder that we can and have to adapt, that we have to be patient but we also can't let a virus take over our lives. We have to keep traditions, they are such a big part of our culture that can't and shouldn't be erased over one year. 

Friday night in is all about that - keeping up traditions - dressing up (well at least getting out of pjs), putting music on, opening a bottle of wine. Getting excited over starters, having serious conversations with the main course, falling in love again over desserts. 

We will provide you with the food to have a real restaurant experience at home - you need an oven and a stove to finish it up, some plates to dish it up and relax after! 

The menu is set and will change over time, depending how we feel about it. You will get instructions about finishing the meals and plating. Pictures and videos on it will be posted on our social media also - if you have the confidence in cooking up a full irish - you are more than qualified to finish it on you own. Surprise your better half, a friend, parents. Treat yourself to a night in (on your couch) with all the plus sides of a night out.

The orders have to be placed by Wednesday 4pm and collection is Friday 4pm - 7pm. To order please send a message on our social media or an email to, we will then send you a confirmation and a secure payment link.