Easter is all about celebrating.


And there is plenty to celebrate, I mean, we made it through 3 months of lockdown this year, lent is over soon, flowers are comming out, 5k limit might be lifted. So - sweet feast box it is for Easter!


The Christmas and Valentine's day boxes had more medium sized desserts, this one will have proper, big cake slices that for some might even be enough for sharing. They will be rich and full of flavour - mix of the weekend treats we did so far during lockdown + small bites (brownies, mini tarts, truffles etc.) to fill up the box.


The price is 5e per cake, 5 pieces minimum order, 10 pieces maximum per box (more than that won't fit in the biggest box on the market ). There won't be picking flavours, you will have to trust me again with the mixes!


We plan to do around 10 different cakes + the small ones so - the bigger the box - the better the selection! There will be pretzel tarts, peanut butter cheesecakes, pistachio & orange cakes, rhubarb & strawberry cakes, raspberry tarts, apple & nutmeg cakes, parsnip & ginger cakes with white chocolate and much much more.


This will probably be the last dessert box this year since we are hoping that we won't spend Christmas this year in lockdown and that we can finally continue to do dinner soon.


To order send an email with your name, surname, phone number and amount of cakes you are ordering to management@oldcouchcafe.com and we will send you a secure payment link. We are taking orders until Sunday the 28th or sooner if we sell out.


The desserts contain gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts & peanuts and have to be refrigerated. Collection is on Saturday, the 3rd of April, 10am - 4pm