Our Christmas dessert boxes are inspired by the element of secrecy that is involved with the "secret Santa" and the line we love to hear "I'll trust you, I'll try it!".


Dessert boxes will be available for pick up on the 23rd and 24th of December from early in the morning till late afternoon. Collection on the days before or after is also available just send a message to arrange it.


The boxes will be priced at 20e, 30e, 40e, 50e and 60e.


They will include a mix of desserts. The desserts involve flavours that were popular in the cafe in 2020. cause there were good things also that this year brought us!


6 of the dessert will be known, and 6 will be a secret. The bigger the box - the bigger the selection and quantity you get! There will be no picking desserts - that's the element of trust that you will need to have, each box will be different but equally nice.


Desserts that will be included


peanut butter upside down cheesecake

polenta & orange cake with pistachio cream

hazelnut panna cotta

caramel chocolate mousse

beetroot brownie & chocolate ganache

chocolate & cherry tiramisu