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11 vegetarian summer menu

100e per person

55e  optional wine pairing

potato on a cone


granstown tomatoes


“fake scallop” textures of sweetcorn coriander

tomato tartare ajo blanco

homemade bread
extra virgin olive oil, flavoured butter


summer vegetable escabeche


roasted carrots, barley and dates

salted white chocolate and Timur mousse raspberry

baked alaska

pineapple, tarragon

strawberries, cream, kimchi


blue cheese ice cream

raspberry consome

coconut merengue

kalamansi truffle

campfire coconut marshmallow

popcorn snowball

Please notify us if you have any allergies or dietary requirements since we won't be able to change the menu during dinner.

Menu is subject to change.

The menu contains all 14 allergens, some in traces.

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