what is our afternoon tea about?

Afternoon tea at The Old Couch Cafe is a unique experience. Our menus are quirky and can easily replace a brunch, lunch or dinner since the focus is on the food and flavours.


Afternoon tea is hosted only on weekends since weare not doing lunch or dinner on Saturdays and Sundays.


You can book the afternoon tea by sending an email to management@oldcouchcafe.com. Please include your full name and surname, phone number, time and date that you would like to book, number of people that you are booking for, and any information about allergies or dietary requirements we need to know about. 


We are doing gluten free and vegetarian options upon request. For now - we don't feel fully confident in doing vegan options but that might change in the future.

The menu will change every month since this probably won't be something you will do every week and it will give a chance to more people to try food that they like on the menu. Everything included in the afternoon tea is made from scratch in the cafe. The price is 25e per person.


What is included in the price? Unlimited teas and coffees, scones with jam & butter, three types of sandwiches and four types of desserts. You can bring your own bottle of prosecco if you would like something extra.